• omnidirectional elevated LED 6,6 A / 230 V lights suitable for obstruction low intensity lights type B

Files for download

  pdf Data sheet (1.45 MB)

Light fixture function

  • OB - obstruction low intensity lights type B

In accordance with

  • ICAO ANNEX 14, Vol. 1
    Tab. 6-1, 6-2


  • long life cycle due to durable construction (aluminum alloys, stainless steel, glass)
  • attaches to frangible coupling or stake Ø 60 mm
  • quick and easy repairs due to removable light head (not needed to remove the whole light from the stake of frangible coupling)
  • effective maintenance due to easy disassembly of the light head to basic modules, a wide range of spare parts and many common parts with other series TLE20 lights
  • the light design enables pressure compensation and protects against water condensation inside the light
  • LED monitoring secures that there will not be a lack of light intensity in certain azimuth
  • integrated reflective surfaces enables easy light localization even if not operated

Properties-series 6,6 A power-ups

  • accordance with FAA EB 67D LED intensity regulation standards
  • as an option can be equipped with a module that disconnects isolating transformer secondary winding

Properties – parallel 230 V power-ups

  • light intensity is regulated via power-ups by PSK (phase shift keying), which secures that light intensity is not vulnerable to voltage losses or drops    
  • suitable economical substitution for series 6,6 A power-ups systems for vast heliports and airports with VFR RWY or non-precision IFR RWY
  • a wide range of power-ups voltage level

tle20 konstrukceConstruction

  1. glass head with aluminium ring
  2. lighting unit with LEDs and LED driver
  3. power supply unit with intesity regulation
  4. basic unit with cables and connectors
  5. ring sealing

Mechanical parameters

  • weight – series 6,6 A power-ups 2,2 kg
  • weight – parallel 230 V power-ups 1,8 kg
  • dimensions: height 200 mm, diameter 147 mm

Resistance to

  • temperature -55 ÷ +55 °C and thermal shock
  • humidity, snow, ice, and water (IP67)
  • salt fog, solar and UV radiation
  • vibrations 20 ÷ 2 000 Hz with acceleration 2 G

Source of light

  • high power LEDs, lifetime >100 000 hrs. of standard operation


  • by isolating transformer with 6,6 A on secondary output (transformer power according to the light energy consumption)
  • by parallel power-ups 1NPE ~50Hz/230V/TN-S for electrical appliance class I (fixed installation)
  • by parallel power-ups 1N ~50Hz/230V/IT (electrically separated power-ups – without equipotential bonding) for electrical appliance class II (mobile installation)

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