Container Program

06 01 00 containers aeroApplication

  • mobile airport/heliport
  • provisional equipment of airport, which is e.g. undergoing general overhaul of tower, runway, etc. mobile airport set serves during this period, after termination of general overhaul it will be transported to another airport
  • rapid and cheap equipment of airport, which has only runway, but no other necessary technical equipment, it is not necessary to legalize and building permit and to erect expensive buildings, if this erection is made in future, the modules are simply transported to another airport


  • all modules are transported as usual ISO containers by trucks, railway, ship or airplane
  • usual equipment is used for handling (crane, lift trucks, hydraulic jibs, etc.).
  • it is possible to deliver upon request the modules together with transport trucks

06 01 00 containersDimensions and technical parameters

  • normalized ISO containers
  • special welded structure resistant to corrosion
  • wide range of working temperatures:
    • N = normal thermal insulation (-30/+35 °C)
    • A = arctic (-55/+35 °C, PUR 80 mm thick container insulation, heating of  entrance door doorframe)
    • T = tropic (-10/+55 °C)
  • external dimensions:
    • 6058×2438×2591 mm
    • 9125×2438×2591 mm
    • 12192×2438×2591 mm

Common equipment (optional depending on type of container)

  • electrical heating
  • air condition
  • double floor with space for cables
  • magnetic switch of open doors
  • windows with safety glass
  • increased thermal insulation - for severe climatic conditions
  • over-voltage protection


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