System AMS

System AMS is designed for control, signalling and monitoring of the following airport systems and equipment:

  • airfield ground lighting (AGL)
  • constant current regulators (CCR)
  • radionavigation equipment and systems (RNE), equipment En Route
  • electric power systems (EPS), meteorological equipment (ME)
  • protection zones, control and monitoring of distant objects
  • receiving, sending and processing of data from the Aviation Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN), central time
  • monitoring and processing of basic information (weather, traffic restriction, ATIS, occupation, databases, emergency cases) designated for air traffic control
  • the necessary pre-requisite is furnishing of appropriate input signals from monitored equipment and devices stations evaluation of data for the needs of CAT II and CAT III
  • archiving of exploitation and failure states

Selection from many modifications in dependence on

  • airport category according to ICAO (NO CAT, CAT I, CAT II, CAT III)
  • number of take-off / landing runways
  • number of required working sites for airport operation
  • number of airfield ground lighting systems
  • requirements concerning convenience of operation and number of connected devices

Certificate basis

  • system fulfils requirements for control and monitoring in accordance with ICAO ANNEX 14, STANAG, MAK, FAA
  • system complies with regulations for air traffic under low visibility conditions CAT II / III
  • system satisfies procedures for operation under conditions LVP / LVTO

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