PDF catalog (EN)PDF catalog (EN)

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101.00 Company Profile, references01.00 Company Profile, references3.99 MB27.07.20205032 times
201.00.01 Certificates TÜV01.00.01 Certificates TÜV326.07 KB07.03.20181006 times
3PRODUCT LISTPRODUCT LIST156.71 MB08.09.2021452 times
4PRODUCT LIST (Powerpoint Presentation | ppsx)PRODUCT LIST (Powerpoint Presentation | ppsx) New!294.1 MB08.09.20211 times

System AMSSystem AMS

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102.00 System AMS (content)02.00 System AMS (content)767.51 KB24.09.2018668 times
202.01 System AMS (summary)02.01 System AMS (summary)833.27 KB25.05.2016661 times
302.02.01 System AMS PICO02.02.01 System AMS PICO257.76 KB25.05.2016816 times
402.02.02 System AMS MICRO02.02.02 System AMS MICRO351.02 KB25.05.2016824 times
502.02.03 System AMS MINI02.02.03 System AMS MINI336.14 KB25.05.2016781 times
602.02.04 System AMS STANDARD02.02.04 System AMS STANDARD460.55 KB25.05.2016868 times
702.02.05 System AMS MAX02.02.05 System AMS MAX494.63 KB25.05.2016799 times
802.03 System AMS software02.03 System AMS software2.9 MB25.05.20161707 times
902.04.01 KS-AMS central unit racks02.04.01 KS-AMS central unit racks348.29 KB25.05.2016830 times
1002.04.02 TWS control working site02.04.02 TWS control working site271.72 KB25.05.2016838 times
1102.04.03 Modules PSB-0602.04.03 Modules PSB-06178.23 KB25.05.2016727 times
1202.04.04 DAP 128TC data transfer system02.04.04 DAP 128TC data transfer system517.44 KB25.05.2016852 times
1302.04.05 System SU-24B.RT02.04.05 System SU-24B.RT591.51 KB25.05.2016756 times
1402.04.06 Units PS-02 (AMS TERMINAL)02.04.06 Units PS-02 (AMS TERMINAL)853.64 KB25.05.2016808 times
1502.04.07 System LMS02.04.07 System LMS17.08 MB26.05.20171113 times

Power EquipmentPower Equipment

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103.00 Regulators TCR (content)03.00 Regulators TCR (content)541.71 KB24.09.2018563 times
203.01 Regulators TCR03.01 Regulators TCR3.63 MB25.04.20171654 times
303.02 Dummy Load RDL03.02 Dummy Load RDL610.67 KB25.05.2016769 times
404.00 Distributors (contens)04.00 Distributors (contens)607.67 KB30.08.2018309 times
504.01 TRP.1.X04.01 TRP.1.X306.81 KB30.08.2018545 times
604.02 TRS 1004.02 TRS 101.36 MB30.08.2018907 times
704.03-04.RDG, RDG+TRP04.03-04.RDG, RDG+TRP264.47 KB30.08.2018552 times

Lighting system (AGL)Lighting system (AGL)

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105.00 Lighting system (content)05.00 Lighting system (content)375.97 KB23.06.2020500 times
205.01.01 Halogen elevated lights ML 12105.01.01 Halogen elevated lights ML 1216.06 MB05.02.20191362 times
305.01.02 Halogen elevated lights ML 12205.01.02 Halogen elevated lights ML 1224.65 MB05.02.2019935 times
405.01.03 Halogen elevated lights ML 12405.01.03 Halogen elevated lights ML 1241.35 MB03.08.2020639 times
505.01.04 Halogen elevated lights TL 32205.01.04 Halogen elevated lights TL 32213.72 MB07.02.20191301 times
605.01.05 Halogen elevated lights TL 42105.01.05 Halogen elevated lights TL 4215.02 MB07.02.2019780 times
705.01.06 Safety runway lamps RGL-0205.01.06 Safety runway lamps RGL-025.61 MB26.06.2018932 times
805.01.07 Above-ground portion of stop bars SBL-0205.01.07 Above-ground portion of stop bars SBL-022.86 MB13.05.2021737 times
905.02.01 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4005.02.01 Halogen inset lights 8" TI40872.17 KB24.06.2020587 times
1005.02.02 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4105.02.02 Halogen inset lights 8" TI41821.04 KB24.06.2020503 times
1105.02.03 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4205.02.03 Halogen inset lights 8" TI42795.83 KB24.06.20202397 times
1205.02.04 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4305.02.04 Halogen inset lights 8" TI43747.56 KB03.08.2020690 times
1305.02.05 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4405.02.05 Halogen inset lights 8" TI44736.34 KB24.06.2020455 times
1405.02.06 Halogen inset lights 8" TI4505.02.06 Halogen inset lights 8" TI45930.55 KB24.06.2020414 times
1505.02.07 Halogen inset lights 12" TI7005.02.07 Halogen inset lights 12" TI701.23 MB24.06.2020656 times
1605.02.08 Halogen inset lights 12" TI7105.02.08 Halogen inset lights 12" TI71829.53 KB24.06.2020398 times
1705.02.09 Halogen inset lights 12" TI7205.02.09 Halogen inset lights 12" TI72852.82 KB24.06.2020429 times
1805.03. LED elevated lights (Repair Easy Line)05.03. LED elevated lights (Repair Easy Line)1.35 MB24.06.2020147 times
1905.03.01 LED elevated lights ML 12505.03.01 LED elevated lights ML 125441.24 KB24.06.20201004 times
2005.03.02 LED elevated lights TLE2005.03.02 LED elevated lights TLE20834.72 KB24.06.2020746 times
2105.03.03 LED elevated lights TLE2105.03.03 LED elevated lights TLE21349.12 KB24.06.2020258 times
2205.03.03. LED elevated lights TLE2305.03.03. LED elevated lights TLE231.95 MB24.06.2020233 times
2305.04.01 LED inset lights 8" TLI4205.04.01 LED inset lights 8" TLI42445.42 KB24.06.2020686 times
2405.04.02 LED inset lights 8" TLI4305.04.02 LED inset lights 8" TLI43287.47 KB24.06.2020540 times
2505.05.01 Precision approach path indicator (PAPI) TP9005.05.01 Precision approach path indicator (PAPI) TP90426.14 KB15.04.2019781 times
2605.06.01 Sequential flash system TFL-3205.06.01 Sequential flash system TFL-321.8 MB17.08.20201011 times
2705.08.01 Halogen obstruction lights ML 121 HP-O05.08.01 Halogen obstruction lights ML 121 HP-O536 KB23.06.2020697 times
2805.08.02 Halogen obstruction lights ML124 P-O05.08.02 Halogen obstruction lights ML124 P-O227.53 KB23.06.2020716 times
2905.08.03 LED obstruction lights ML125-OA/OB05.08.03 LED obstruction lights ML125-OA/OB2.8 MB23.06.20201286 times
3005.08.04 LED obstruction lights TLE200-OB05.08.04 LED obstruction lights TLE200-OB652.29 KB23.06.2020575 times
3105.09.01 Iluminated Airport Signs TZP-E05.09.01 Iluminated Airport Signs TZP-E188.41 KB23.06.2020998 times
3205.09.02 LED iluminated airport signs TZP-D05.09.02 LED iluminated airport signs TZP-D466.65 KB23.06.2020848 times
3305.09.03 LED iluminated airport signs TZP-ED05.09.03 LED iluminated airport signs TZP-ED410.91 KB23.06.2020717 times
3405.09.04 Reflective Airport Signs TZP-R05.09.04 Reflective Airport Signs TZP-R151.86 KB24.06.2020798 times
3505.10.01 Breakable coupling05.10.01 Breakable coupling1.59 MB05.08.20201273 times
3605.10.02 Transitions05.10.02 Transitions1.16 MB17.08.2020726 times
3705.10.03-04 Sockets and needles05.10.03-04 Sockets and needles4.09 MB05.08.2020779 times
3805.10.05 Winter signs, fixation dish, two-way lights holder05.10.05 Winter signs, fixation dish, two-way lights holder2.01 MB23.06.2020741 times
3905.10.06 Base plate05.10.06 Base plate2.74 MB23.06.2020937 times
4005.10.07 Shallow bases05.10.07 Shallow bases2.62 MB23.06.20201076 times
4105.10.08 Adapter TIA1 (8/12")05.10.08 Adapter TIA1 (8/12")1020.23 KB24.06.2020378 times
4205.10.09 Tools05.10.09 Tools437.04 KB23.06.2020702 times
4305.10.10 Direction finder05.10.10 Direction finder900.94 KB23.06.2020680 times
4405.10.11 Poles and crossbars EUROPOLES05.10.11 Poles and crossbars EUROPOLES5.36 MB23.06.20201823 times

Container ProgramContainer Program

#NameSizeLast Updated OnDownloaded
106.00.00 Containers (content and concept)06.00.00 Containers (content and concept)641.9 KB23.06.2020669 times
206.02-03 Containers TCB (briefing), TCD (diesel)06.02-03 Containers TCB (briefing), TCD (diesel)1.08 MB25.05.20161003 times
306.04-05 Containers TCE (technical room), TCL (lighting)06.04-05 Containers TCE (technical room), TCL (lighting)1.24 MB25.05.2016924 times
406.06 Container TCS (substation)06.06 Container TCS (substation)800.68 KB25.05.2016903 times
506.07 Container TCM (material)06.07 Container TCM (material)657.34 KB25.05.2016795 times
606.08 Container TCT (tower)06.08 Container TCT (tower)775.06 KB19.10.2016913 times
706.09-10 Containers TDT, TDS06.09-10 Containers TDT, TDS530.39 KB25.05.20161075 times
806.11 Container TC-SEC06.11 Container TC-SEC600.53 KB23.06.2020780 times


#NameSizeLast Updated OnDownloaded
107.00 Other Products (content)07.00 Other Products (content)619.84 KB23.06.2020653 times
207.01 Cabels07.01 Cabels1.35 MB23.06.20201506 times
307.02 Transformers07.02 Transformers2.32 MB26.06.20171782 times
407.03 Connectors07.03 Connectors307.76 KB08.06.20171107 times
507.04 Wind direction Indicator TWI 1007.04 Wind direction Indicator TWI 101000.29 KB23.06.20201534 times
607.05 Diesel generators07.05 Diesel generators187.63 KB23.06.2020908 times

Typified AirportsTypified Airports

#NameSizeLast Updated OnDownloaded
108.01 Modular airports08.01 Modular airports1.8 MB23.06.20201321 times
208.02 Regional airports08.02 Regional airports484.86 KB22.06.2020284 times
308.03 System MoLiS08.03 System MoLiS965.47 KB23.06.20201142 times


#NameSizeLast Updated OnDownloaded
109.00 Heliports (content and concept)09.00 Heliports (content and concept)587.73 KB23.06.2020670 times
209.01.01 Local/remote control AMS PICO09.01.01 Local/remote control AMS PICO185.52 KB23.06.2020547 times
309.01.02 Remote radio control HRC-0109.01.02 Remote radio control HRC-01586.06 KB23.06.2020389 times
409.02 Power systems09.02 Power systems446.34 KB23.06.2020355 times
509.03.01 Lighting systems09.03.01 Lighting systems1.36 MB23.06.2020480 times
609.03.02 Omnidirectional Beacons FL 11109.03.02 Omnidirectional Beacons FL 111469.4 KB23.06.2020887 times
709.04 Other products for heliports09.04 Other products for heliports194.4 KB23.06.2020582 times
809.05.01 Heliports H1 (simple)09.05.01 Heliports H1 (simple)296.21 KB23.06.2020711 times
909.05.02 Heliports H2 (economy)09.05.02 Heliports H2 (economy)632.14 KB23.06.2020727 times
1009.05.03-04 Heliports H3 (standard) and H4 (comfort)09.05.03-04 Heliports H3 (standard) and H4 (comfort)967.47 KB23.06.2020848 times
1109.05.05 Heliports H5 (double)09.05.05 Heliports H5 (double)2.25 MB23.06.2020946 times
1209.06.01 TRAILER TMH.0209.06.01 TRAILER TMH.022.22 MB23.06.2020353 times
1309.06.02 TRAILER TMH.0509.06.02 TRAILER TMH.057.86 MB23.06.20201000 times

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