• LED 6,6 A / 2,2 A omnidirectional elevated taxiway edge lights for airports and heliports

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In accordance with

  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol.1
  • FAA AC 15O/5345-46


  • small dimesions and low height
  • long service life due to robust construction (aluminum alloys, stainless steel, glass)
  • attaches to breakable coupling or AL tube Ø 60 mm
  • exactly meets the conditions of intensity regulation according to FAA EB 67D in the whole range of 2.8–6.6A
  • easy repairability ensures efficient maintenance, significant reduction of operating costs and protects the environment
  • the light can be easily and quickly disassembled into several basic components that can be ordered as affordable spare parts
  • the light is equipped with a pressure equalizer that prevents the accumulation and condensation of water inside the light
  • integrated blue reflective surface increases the safety of air traffic in the event of power failures and facilitates maintenance (eg locating a non-illuminated light)
  • is fully compatible with standard serial wiring
  • when replaced with halogen lights, it does not require replacement of the transformer and the constant current regulator

Mechanical parameters

  • weight 1,3 kg
  • dimensions: height 130 mm, diameter 147 mm
  • standard length of supply cable 350 mm
  • standard connector L-823 Type II, Class B, Style 5

Elektrical parameters

  • input current 2,8–6,6 A (6,6 A version)
  • input current 0,9–2,2 A (2,2 A version)
  • max. power consumption 7 VA (6,6 and 2,2 A version)

Resistance to

  • temperature -55 ÷ +55 °C and thermal shock
  • salt fog, solar and UV radiation
  • dust, humidity, snow, ice, and water IP67
  • vibrations 20 ÷ 2 000 Hz with acceleration 2 G

Source of light

  • high power LEDs, lifespan >100 000 hrs. of standard operation


  • standard airports isolation transformer 6,6/6,6 A power min. 15 VA for 6,6 A version
  • standard airports isolation transformer 6,6/2,2 A power min. 15 VA for 2,2 A version

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