• iluminated airport signs
  • identification of place, directional signs, signs marking way out of RWY, signs marking freeing of RWY, signs marking holding points on communication, etc.

Files for download

pdf Data Sheet (1.44 MB)

pdf Certificates ÚCL (438 KB)

pdf Certificates MO AČR (833 KB)

pdf Certificates LÚ SR (428 KB)

pdf Certificates MAК (1.46 MB)

Certificate basis

  • ICAO ANNEX 14 Volume I
  • FAA AC 150/5345-44F


  • lighting with halogen lamp 45W/6,6A and emit stable light with specified lighting parameters
  • type of inscription can be identified at a distance of at least 250 m
  • where power serial loop is not in operation is an active area of readability guaranteed using translucent foil
  • are supplied completely  equipped, including lamps, connecting cables, breakable coupling, base plates.
  • supply does not comprise insulating current transformers
  • bulbs are accessible after unlatching of the frontal panel and its opening.
  • the frontal panel is secured in open position by two steel stranded wires.
  • no switch
  • the manufacturer will send upon request dimensions of foundations for individual types of signs (assembly guide)
  • it is possible to make matt execution upon the customer's wish

Type of signs

  • Mandatory sign - white inscription on red background, it is used for identification of the holding point at the RWY threshold, at crossing of RWY/RWY, RWY/TWY, for indication that entry to the filed is prohibited and for identification of the holding point on communication
  • Informative sign -  black inscription and frame on yellow background, it is used for indication of direction of movement, indication of destination, identification of place of freeing of RWY, identification of the center of RWY, identification of place for testing of equipment VOR, indication of aircraft position
  • Informative sign - yellow inscription and frame on black background, it is used for identification of place on TWY
  • Informative sign - white inscription on black background, it is used for indication of remaining length of RWY


  • structure consisting of aluminium box made of sandwich aluminium sections
  • the whole assembly box of the sign is made as compact unit of required rigidity and appropriate resistance to atmospheric exposures.
  • back wall is made of aluminium sheet metal thickness of 2 mm
  • the design of unilateral

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