ML 122

ML 122-THREND-100-GR


  • halogen 6,6 A elevated omni/bi-directional medium intensity light with integrated transformer for stationary/mobile aerodromes

Files for download

pdf Data Sheet (1.76 MB)

pdf Certificate ÚCL (390 KB)

pdf Certifikát MO AČR (451 KB)

pdf Certificate LÚ SR (438 KB)

pdf Certificate MAК (3.03 MB)

Light fixture function

  • APP approach centre line and crossbars light
  • THR runway threshold light
  • END runway end light
  • THREND threshold/runway end light
  • RWY runway edge light
  • TWY taxiway edge light

Certificate basis

  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1, 7th ed.
  • FAA AC 150/5345-46, photometrically compatible with L-861/861T
  • AIR STD 90/20 Portable Airfield Lighting Systems, released ASCC
  • MAK


  • bidirectional light characteristic with one main beam of light or two opposite main beams of light
  • precise positioning and directing of optical unit is ensured by fixation pins located with transformer aluminium cover
  • primary outlets are lead out at the bottom part of the aluminum case through the light support and through the breakable coupling above the disk that enable disconnection of the lighting marker in case of a collision with an aircraft of vehicle
  • optical system and integrated insulating transformer imbedded in aluminum case from one unit
  • the lights are made of castings and formed pieces of aluminium alloys, a glass formed piece and connecting stainless steel parts that are resistant to salty environment and UV radiation.  
  • support is an aluminium casting to which the marker is fixed
  • it also serves as fixing of the light in the tube to the breaking coupling
  • the colour dioptres are made of glass resistant to thermal shocks
  • the glass dioptre is sealed in an aluminium annular ring and this unit is tied to the aluminium cover using two stainless steel clips

05 01 03 ml122 constrConstruction

  1. Dioptre with sealed annular ring
  2. Stainless steel clips
  3. Support of the light
  4. Primary outlets with connector FAA L-823 style 2
  5. Primary outlets with connector FAA L-823 style 9


  • powered via isolation transformer from the constant current regulator series circuit
  • primary outlets are provided with connectors FAA L-823 style 2 and style 9

Mechanical parameters

  • weight ~4 kg
  • dimensions
    • heigh  215 ±1 mm
    • diametr 145 ±1 mm
  • adjustability
    • horizontal 0° ÷ 360°

Electrical parameters

  • total light power consumption is 1.25 times the lampʹs power

Operating condition

  • level of protection IP 65
  • climatic conditions ±55 °C
  • resistance to wind and exhaust gases 480 km/h

Source of light

  • halogen airport bulb 45/65/100 W/6,6 A with cap Pk 30d


  • accesories must be ordered separately (see also section “mounting system”)

Ordering codes/application

Type el. power [W] color application code
ML 122-APP-65-W 65 white approach centre line and crossbars light 913-077
ML 122-THREND-100-GR 100 green/red runway threshold and runway end light 913-080
ML 122-THR-100-GN 100 green/shade runway threshold light 913-078
ML 122-END-100-RN 100 red/shade runway end light 913-079
ML 122-RWY-45-RN 45 red/shade stopway light 913-098
ML 122-RWY-45-WW 45 white/white runway edge light 913-082
ML 122-RWY-45-WY 45 white/yellow runway edge light - remote ⅓ (600 m) RWY 913-083
ML 122-RWY-45-YW 45 yellow/white runway edge light - remote ⅓ (600 m) RWY 913-084
ML 122-RWY-45-WN 45 white/shade "touchdown point marking light" * 913-919
ML 122-RWY-45-YR 45 yellow/red runway edge light - remote ⅓ (600 m) RWY + displaced threshold 913-085
ML 122-RWY-45-YN 45 yellow/shade "runway turn pad edge light" * 913-093
ML 122-TWY-45-B 45 blue taxiway edge light 913-088
* according to the Russian Federation standards
ml122 relief

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