System LMS

System LMS


  • individual lamp remote control and monitoring
  • stop bar control and monitoring
  • remote control and monitoring of taxiway centreline
  • component of the SMGCS system

Files for download

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  • control and monitoring via optical and metallic communication cables
  • connection of all communication routes into a ring ensures reliable function even after
  • interruption of a cable or failure of one of modules; at the same time the system
  • immediately identifies precisely the location of failure
  • communication with the central unit via glass optical cable guarantees a 100%
  • resistance to electromagnetic interference even when the cable is laid in parallel with power cables
  • communication between the modules LMC and LLC up to the distance of 240 m via metallic screened cable with optically insulated inputs
  • reliable control of individual lamp or their groups
  • measurement of voltage of each lamp allows evaluation of its  input power and to diagnose immediately its failure  
  • easy configuration and control with use of the module LTP reduces costs and time necessary for maintenance of the system
  • the connectors used allow quick and easy module replacement

Table of maximum distances between modules

  • KS-AMS/LCU-01 10 km
  • LCU-01/LMC-01 2 km
  • LMC-01/LMC-01 2 km
  • LMC-01/LLC-01 240 m
  • LLC-01/LLC-01 240 m

Operating temperatures and modules protection

  • SU-24B.LMS with modules LCU-01 -5/+55°C, IP20
  • LMC-01 -55°C/+60°C, IP67
  • LLC-01 -55°C/+60°C, IP68

Rack SU-24B.LMS

  • basic rack for placing of the LCU modules in transformer sub-station
  • contains moreover power supply circuits with their own back-up battery, modems for communication with the AMS system at the control
  • tower and optica switchboard
  • dimension: 600×1305×450 mm
  • weight: 80 kg
  • position for LCU: 4
  • power supply: 93-132 V/187-264 V, 50-60 Hz

Module LCU

  • control unit of the AMS system, which ensures communication between modems and LMC modules via two independent optical lines connected into a ring
  • optical input/output: 2×TX, 2×RX
  • power supply: 24 V DC

Module LMC

  • converter of optical communication via metallic line
  • situated near the airfield ground lighting
  • main function consists in connection of communication of the LCU module with the LLC
  • dimenion: 310×400×110 mm
  • weight: 8,4 kg
  • power supply: 1,8 A–6,6 A
  • optical input/output: 4×TX, 4×RX

Module LLC

  • ensures control and monitoring of individual lamps
  • connected between the transformer and signal lamp
  • two independent communication ports, through which it is connected with the LMC and other LLC into a ring

Module LTP

  • testing and programming device for the modules LLC and LMC
  • verify functionality directly on the field
  • powered (supplied) from internal accumulator, from a car battery or from mains via adapter

Cables LLC-CAB

  • prefabricated cables, for LLC and LMC module interconnection
  • resistant shielded twisted cable
  • connectors with protection Ip68
  • protected against damage during transport or during drawing through tubes
  • various lengths
  • quick replacement in case of damage
  • LLC-CAB.xx (xx=length of cabel)


  • Num. of contr. lamps
    • LLC-01.1 - one
    • LLC-01.RGC - two (WIG-WAG)
  • dimension [mm] 160×185×90
  • weight ~2,2 kg
  • power supply 2–6,6 A

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