Meteorological equipment

Meteorological equipment


  • meteorological data for air traffic controller
  • automatic regulation of luminous intensity of airfield ground lighting equipment

Files for download

pdf Data Sheet (4.97 MB)


  • serial lines RS-232 or TCP/IP
  • working site Meteo is connected via the LAN network


  • basic meteorological data are shown in the report “Airfield ground lighting” at the top part of the screen in meteorological ruler, this ruler contains a selection of the most important meteorological data
  • color shading gives to the air traffic controllers information about trend of the measured data, or about manually entered values
  • remaining meteorological data (among others also QFE) are   in the data windows Metreport, which can be opened from the top bar
  • extended meteorological information is shown in the data window Meteo
  • it is possible to switch representation of meteorological in requested runway directions
  • tendency of the runway visual range is expressed by color shading of RVR, if the visual range is below 1500 m:
    • Yellow steady state
    • Red deteriorating state
    • Green improving state

System provides the following information

  1. direction and strength of wind with max and min     values
  2. RVR  if it is measured on RWY at corresponding     number of measuring points
  3. value BASE
  4. VIS general visibility
  5. QNH
  6. WX
  7. temperature
  8. dew point
  9. bottom base of clouds

Meteo information (RVR) is used for automatic control of luminous intensity of individual sets.

Failure states

  • in case of unavailability of meteorological information the whole panel changes its color to violet
  • if this unavailability last for more than 5 minutes, all the data will disappear

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