Control and monitoring LVP/LVTO

Control and monitoring LVP/LVTO


  • preparation of low visibility procedures (Prep LVP)
  • operation LVP
  • preparation of low visibility take-off (LVTO)
  • operation LVTO

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  • system AMS performs control of parameters determined by the system for individual phases and it offers to bodies of air traffic control a possibility to acknowledge or cancel the proposed mode of operation
  • after declaration of LVP or LVTO the system checks operating ability of individual devices  of aviation safety technics (hereinafter AST) designed for the given mode of operation and meteorological conditions
  • in case of AST change it degrades in depending on character of failure operation gradually from higher level to lower level, or directly to CAT I
  • in case meteorological conditions are changed with improving/deteriorating tendency it proposes to bodies of air traffic control change to the mode of operation, which corresponds to the current meteorological situation at the airport

System AMS displays in the text window under the meteorological ruler the following:

  • selected mode of operation corresponding to failure of AST
  • information, which is to be sent to the crew on board of the airplane

Control and monitoring of the following airport systems

  • control of airfield ground lighting (for runways and taxiways - AGL), including system BRITE II and stop bars
  • monitoring system for Low Visibility Procedures (LVP) and Low Visibility Take Off (LVTO)
  • radionavigation equipment and systems (ILS, DME, NDB)
  • radionavigation equipment En Route (VOR, DME)
  • electric power systems (EPS)
  • meteorological equipment (ME) - AWOS
  • protection zones
  • central time
  • AFTN
  • data FPL  Arrivals
  • data FPL  Departures
  • RWY in USE  -  SID
  • monitoring and processing of basic information (weather, traffic restriction, emergency cases) designated for air traffic control
  • ATIS information, including comparison of changes between the last 2 messages
  • delivery of information (data) for central monitoringand control system

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